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Barret Williams
United States
Yes, I'm back...BUT ONLY FOR THE HONEY THE CAT FANCLUB, AND FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO GO HERE! I used to be "Looneymegaman", but let's just say I was harassed online by internet hoodlums on the forums. Personally, I care for other people's feelings, and I found it ridiculous that they fired Scott Jarkoff. So, I came back, but I'm promoting my art towards other sites. Here are my links, below. On FurAffinity, I am known as "BeholdThyPecs". I am an autistic gamer.…

And here is my character for AQWorlds.…

On "I Can Has Cheezburger", I am known as Megacat.

Did you know that I started the Chad Vader fan club on this site? Check it out, if you're a fan of the series!…

Here is my website for original games I'll make, and games I might make. (I haven't officially started my company yet, but so far, I'm the only worker for it.)

And I am working on a Sonic fan fic. If anyone has any ideas for it, please tell me! Your character may even end up as part for the fan fic, known as "Sonic: Spinball Island". If you want me to put a character in the fan fic or have a suggestion for it, please keep it clean, because this fan fic in progress is geared towards viewers of all ages!

Please note that since I've seen dirty art without even knowing that it's dirty, and ever since DA's staff members allowed hoodlums to harass me on the forums, I am going to run a nicer, cleaner art website that's exclusively for clean art only, and on this site, I will not allow any sort of harassment on it. When I start it, I'll post a link to the website.
And please note that I'M A GUY, as you should know, from what it says, on the top of the page; as you know, I do draw some cute female characters, because I personally like cute things...I also like some other stuff, too; like robots, aliens, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
Here are some awesome KickStarter projects I've found, that look really awesome; feel free to check em out!

Sabratact (Sport)…

Why: It's an exciting battle sport, with protective armor, and competition weapons that aren't for killing, and aren't metal; it's an exciting sport, that looks cooler than traditional fencing! It also has some awesome looking armor, for this sport, which has competitors, ranging from young to old! Some guy is trying to make a 30-year dream come true, and you can help!

Game Master…

Why: It's just like a table top RPG...only without the extra money spending, and it's a video game engine! It needs 130,000 pounds to complete, and it's a phenomenal idea! This is a game made for tablets, which a LOT of people have! It still has 34 days to go, as of when this journal was first submitted!

Battletoads (High Definition Remake)…

Why: These guys are trying to do an enhanced remake of the old NES version of a FREE GAME for Steam! All they need, is literally $5000, into making this, as an official, licensed remake of the ultra-challenging classic!

Trouble in the Manor…

Why: As of when this journal entry was first submitted, this game only has 35 days left to complete, and they need $10,000 dollars to complete the game. And guess what?!? It looks awesome! It a horror game that's described to be like a mix between the GMod game "Trouble in Terrorist Town", and the Nintendo game, "Luigi's Mansion". And you know what?!? It looks great!
 If this game doesn't get a successful KickStarter, you could at least help this game get recognized, on Steam's "Greenlight" area!

New hobby shop project (Granite City, Illinois)…

Why: I suppose Illinois may have some minor problems;especially in a bad economy! This is why they want to make a hobby shop, so people could hang out, play games, and have fun! This project literally needs to raise this much, to fund the shop, within 28 days. I don't live in Illinois, but I figured I'd be nice, to advertise the "business to be, if successfully funded"!

Money needed: $276,855

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