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Barret Williams
United States
Yes, I'm back...BUT ONLY FOR THE HONEY THE CAT FANCLUB, AND FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE WHO GO HERE! I used to be "Looneymegaman", but let's just say I was harassed online by internet hoodlums on the forums. Personally, I care for other people's feelings, and I found it ridiculous that they fired Scott Jarkoff. So, I came back, but I'm promoting my art towards other sites. Here are my links, below. On FurAffinity, I am known as "BeholdThyPecs". I am an autistic gamer.…

And here is my character for AQWorlds.…

On "I Can Has Cheezburger", I am known as Megacat.

Did you know that I started the Chad Vader fan club on this site? Check it out, if you're a fan of the series!…

Here is my website for original games I'll make, and games I might make. (I haven't officially started my company yet, but so far, I'm the only worker for it.)

And I am working on a Sonic fan fic. If anyone has any ideas for it, please tell me! Your character may even end up as part for the fan fic, known as "Sonic: Spinball Island". If you want me to put a character in the fan fic or have a suggestion for it, please keep it clean, because this fan fic in progress is geared towards viewers of all ages!

Please note that since I've seen dirty art without even knowing that it's dirty, and ever since DA's staff members allowed hoodlums to harass me on the forums, I am going to run a nicer, cleaner art website that's exclusively for clean art only, and on this site, I will not allow any sort of harassment on it. When I start it, I'll post a link to the website.
And please note that I'M A GUY, as you should know, from what it says, on the top of the page; as you know, I do draw some cute female characters, because I personally like cute things...I also like some other stuff, too; like robots, aliens, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.
 I got tagged by :iconoceana1: for this one.


1. Each person has to share 10 things about them

3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal

6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people

8. No tag-backs

Question Time:

1. What's your favorite thing to draw?
 Dunno; other than anime, Sonic-like furries, robots, and animals.

2. Cartoon/Anime Crushes? |3
 Well, when it comes to anime, my first crush was Cardcaptor Sakura, when I was a pre-teen; I though she was a cute & pretty character!

3. Favorite food. subs, maybe?

4. What's your favorite animal?
 Dragons. But if it's a real-life animal that's proven to exist, I'd have to say ocelots; they're so lovely!

5. What's your seven digits baby? Exo : XiuMin Wink
 Please; if this is a Justin Bieber joke, I DON'T HAVE ANY. *Throws a water bottle at "Justin Beaver" himself, if you know what I mean.*

6. What are you doing right now as your reading this?
 I was just playing some "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" on my PC, but I took a break, and decided to check the site out.

7. K-pop or J-pop?
 That depends on the artist.

8. What's your favorite handheld or console?
 My most favorite video game console of all time would have to be the PlayStation 3; nuff' said! (Though mine has a broken disc tray.)
9. Favorite game? You know, that one game that you can play millions of times and never get bored of it Gamer
 Well, I sometimes do get bored of games, but my most favorite video game is "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim"; obviously because of deep gameplay, beautiful graphics, and an interesting storyline. It's mostly serious, but it did have a funny chain of missions...which I have yet to finish. (I'm not telling you what they are, because it would be spoilers. XD)

10. And the typical, if you were on an island and surrounded by a million sharks and the only way to get to home was to sing you favorite song over and over and over again for 20 times, which one would you sing?

 I'd probably sing Hugh Laurie's "protest song". XD :iconhughlaurieplz:

My Questions for Others:
  1. What was the worst movie you've ever watched?
  2. Which is your favorite thing to do on DA?
  3. What video game could you could describe as "so terrible it's hilarious"?
  4. If you had to do a viral video for an April Fools prank, would you jokingly start a flash mob, of you guys throwing water bottles at Justin Bieber?
  5. What gaming platforms do you own and use?
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. Are you a fan of the "Annoying Orange"?
  8. Who is grosser; Justin Bieber or Anthony Wiener?
  9. How would you react, if you met Simon Cowell in person? (NOTE: This is a JOKE question!)
  10. Would you consider Batman's "Arkhamverse" counterpart to be a bad mary-sue? (Cuz I do.)

Now I tag these people I met online:

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